Egypt International Boat Show


Organized by Elmahrosa international

  Be part of the unique boat show
  connecting the marine industry
         in the Middle East

Egypt International luxury Boat Show
  is unique to Egypt and the region; it caters to all marine industry
professionals and the whole family seeking a great day out or a weekend.
   Egypt international luxury yacht & boat show  is the perfect platform
to discover the latest ways to enjoy all aspects of Marine leisure and
watersports in and around ALEXANDRIA, with a whole range of
opportunities to get out on the water. Learn about the latest technology
whilst enjoying the entertainments and attraction at EIBS,
  held in the award-winning Marina El Alamein, a distinguished Egyptian
summer tourist resort on the sea coast, 94 km west of Alexandria
The total cost of the El Alamein Marina project was US$48 billion.
Porto Marina Resort is the first project in the North Coast region
overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. It has the first
international yacht marina in the eastern part of North Africa. It has
Porto Marina Hotel, which is a 5-star hotel, designed by Delmar Group.
The hotel consists of two floors and has 338 rooms and the rooms are
large in size and overlooking either the swimming pools or the
Mediterranean Sea. It includes 180 stores, a number of restaurants, the
Seagull Hotel, Seagull Markets, and the Ocean Blue Hotel.

The first Egypt International Yachting and Boat Show will be held from 17-21 March 2022

 Usually, such events around the world are big exhibitions that attract all those interested, and because the Egypt exhibition includes all countries of the world, all boat companies and their accessories and boat sellers will be invited to present their products and services.

  •  To maintain commercial contacts,
  •  Initiate new contacts in North Africa and the Middle East,
  •  meet potential targets on the list of new developers.

Invitations will be extended to senior statesmen and VIPs.

Also among the exhibitors

  • Boat builders
  • Boat accessories companies
  •  Manufacturers
  •  apparel, manufacturers
  •  apparel and boat equipment retailers
  • private tour operators (for rent) on site

 Boat shows are especially suitable for

  •  water sports enthusiasts,
  •  Sailors
  • Would-be sailors who dream of yachts
  • Yacht brokers
  • Boat Dealers
  • Chandlers
  •  All people interested in the sea. 

The show will offer  excellent opportunities to inspect the latest yachts and speed boats as well as  recreational water sports including

  •  Angling,
  •  Surfing
  •  Rowing 
  • Diving
  •  Windsurfing

In addition to a rich variety of marine product display stands, the organizer is inviting outstanding participants to provide a selection of 

  • Videos
  •  Forums,
  •  Lectures
  •  and Presentations 

to be held on special topics and areas of work. 

So you can get first-hand information and  advice from experts with practical experience.

Certainly, right now, boats are selling well at trade shows, with Direct sales to the end customer a primary objective.

For the average visitor, the highlight of  boat shows are undoubtedly the yachts.

 Manufacturers present their most exclusive models with the best possible equipment and grant  otherwise unobtainable access to many yachts to excite and charm visitors

We expect EGIBS in Porto Marina to become the largest annual Boat Show in the world because of the unparalleled capabilities of the yacht harbor in Porto Marina, which can receive more than 1,500 yachts and boats with depths ranging from .3 meters to 8 meters….

Who Exhibits ?

Speed boats, Fishing boats, Luxury Yachts and Superyachts

Marine Products

Watersports & Adventure SportsFishing Equipment

Boat Construction, Repairs & Equipment

Navigation and Communication systems

Leisure Holidays, Hotels & tourism

Finance & Insurance Companies

Government & Regulatory Authorities

Marine ServicesYachts and boats Interiors.

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