Covid cases are relatively rare in Egypt, largely because of the favourable climate.

The virus can only spread in the air in moisture. Moisture dries almost instantly in Egyptian air!

The tiny rainfall is only in the winter, not when the boat show is to be held.

The recent modernisation of hospital treatments for infectious diseases prior to the onset of Covid has made the situation even better then it might have been.

The UK with a much smaller population has had many times the infections and very many more deaths.

We can find no report of any Tourist contracting Coronavirus in Egypt.

PopulationCovid casescovid deaths
المملكة المتحدة68.2M7,042,801133,000
Egypt has no lockdown, masks are only required inside commercial premises.

Current Regulations

SUBJECT TO CHANGE, please check before travelling.

The following information may be out of date by the time you read it

 Passengers from all countries will be required to complete a monitoring card with personal details, and will need to provide confirmation of valid health insurance policy to airport authorities. Passengers arriving from countries where C19 variants of concern have been identified may be required to undertake a rapid COVID-19 test (ID NOW) on arrival.

Most Passengers with 2 vaccinations and QR code passport to prove it, can enter without testing.

We fully expect the Covid rates to reduce with time and trust that current regulations may be relaxed by the time of the show.

UK just improved Egypt’s travel reccomendation’s and expects to eliminate amber lists this week.

All International travellers are reccomended to have two Covid vaccinations for your safety, that of others and to eliminate potential travel restrictions.

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