Porto Marina at El Alamein, is famous for being the only tourist village where all services
are available in summer and winter, where all services and basic goods
are available in Gate 2, starting with the medical center and Al-Andalus
supermarket of Al-Andalus Trading Corporation. The resort also includes
villas and tourist chalets and a number of palaces and hotels such as
Hôtel Porto Marina (Resort & Spa), which includes 180 magasins, a number
of restaurants, the Seagull Hotel, Marchés aux mouettes, and the Ocean Blue
The resort includes a marina for yachts, artificial lakes, and about
two-thirds of its area of green land and gardens. It also includes
several beaches for recreation and swimming. The resort also has a large
number of specialized Egyptian and international restaurants such as
Chili’s, Carino’s, Studio Egypt, Champs Elysee’s international
restaurants, children’s playgrounds, cinemas, cafeterias, and cafes, in
addition to To shopping centers, shops, sports fields, and swimming

The coastline of Marina El Alamein Tourist Center is 17 km on the
Mediterranean coast and is considered one of the largest summer resorts
in Egypt. It has several famous places such as the circular lake, les
Automobile Club Beach, water sports and yacht clubs, and the main mall
at Gate 2, which includes Andalus Mall, the first commercial mall in the
Marina that offers All basic goods and services at normal (non-tourist)
prices, international tourist restaurants, cafeterias, the first and
most famous Fatatari in the Marina, as well as the gym, billiards room,
Internet corner, cafe, video games, the first area of palaces and
distinguished villas (the eighth), La Plage Beach, La Fam, and Chiquita,
and there are 7 gates in the marina The resort also has the Roman
Amphitheater, which is famous for its summer concerts by major singers.
Marina El Alamein Center contains 8465 housing units (villas, chalets,
and apartments) and the area of the Marina is 3952 acres, of which about
1260 acres are artificial lakes and about 1500 acres are gardens,
walkways, playgrounds, and roads. The center contains 8 hotels, the most
famous of which are the Porto Marina Hotel and Resort and the Ocean Blue
Hotel and Resort, which is built on glass floors. Underneath, les
splendor of turquoise waters reveals, and this part is owned by the
Tourist Villages Authority, the Seagull Hotel and Resort, the Marina
Plaza Hotel and Resort, the hotels of the Development Company that are
managed by major hotel companies (Maxim Inn), Cancun, Cuba Cabanas, et
timeshare units, in addition to the Venice Hotel and Resort owned by the
Tourist Villages Authority. All these hotels provide more than 500,000
tourist nights

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